I can't believe the thing's that pop up on the internet. Did you know that only 1 in 5 women know what birth control is most effective? You might think that you know, but do you?

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In an article that I recently read it stated that 20% of all women partake in abstinence as a form of birth control. Many women are standing up and saying that abstinence is NOT birth control, rather self control, what do you think? I could say it is both, but if you really can't trust the products out there and it is the only way you feel safe not to bring a baby into the world when you're not ready, then I say its birth control.

Bottom line, according to the article is that women think that abstinence is the safest way not to get pregnant, while science says the safest way to avoid unwanted pregnancies is sterilization, IUD and Implant. What does science say is the least effective in preventing pregnancies, Spermicides and Fertility Awareness Techniques.

So back to my original question, as I think that its pretty odd that so many people/women are standing on their tippy toes and screaming that abstinence is NOT a form of birth control. Please take my poll here: