Unreal.  I am actually surprised it's taken this long for a law suit like this to come actually. Maybe it has and we are just hearing about this one because it's worth a Bbbbillion.  (That was like Austin Powers would have done it.)

Then come along the 5 stooges: Keith Allen Brown, Steven Thompson, Woodrow Grant, Cory Baugh and Jeremy Brown.  These class acts are claiming that...

...alcohol led them to their crimes and they should have been warned of the beverages' addictive nature.

Pardon me while I Laugh Out Loud.  I think the kids call that lol'ing.

Seems to me that is basically admitting you are a complete moron!  Like alcohol being dangerous is a news flash? Warned? These scumbags should get an extra year or two tacked on their sentences just for having the gall to try this.

One of the prisoners claims that if he wasn't an alcoholic his crime would have never happened.


Here's my message:  If you want to sue someone, slap a law suit on those who make it legal, not the ones making it.  What kind of a lawyer would even entertain these clowns? Talk about a low life...kind of like a Phelps lawyer.

You just can't fix stupid!