Jenny Harding, For TSM

Josh Turner & Morgan Frazier were great on Friday night at the Greeley Stampede.  O.K. there was rain delay of over an hour and Morgan's set had to be cut short, but it was still a great show. It really was. Before the show, we had no indication the weather was going to mess with us so much.

Charley Barnes had Josh and and Morgan on his show on Friday afternoon.  I got a couple pictures with Morgan, but didn't get there in time to meet Josh.  Brian and I also didn't get to meet Josh in his meet and greet and we did the intro for the show.  No biggee. That happens more than you would think.  We don't get to hang  with most artists that come through.  We did hang with Morgan before and after the show though.  I sure hope that girl makes it. She is incredibly talented and what a sweetheart. Her new single is called "Yellow Brick Road".  Check out the YouTube video:

My wife took some pictures before the show.  Some are of Brian and me cutting a promo for the Two-For-One Date Night at the Stampede Rodeo Tuesday night.

Tonight at the Stampede it's Tough Enough To Wear Pink Night at the Rodeo.