Since I am getting ready to take a few days off from work, I am also going to leave my phone in a drawer in my dresser on those days. 

I can hear some of you now gasping in angst... now, hear me out.

I feel like it's time to give the good ol' iPhone a rest for a few days. I don't like the feeling of being dependent on it. I use my phone for everything: directions, photos, Facebook, email... Just like you. I have come to the conclusion that being connected at all times has disconnected me from my everyday life.

In fact, when I go on Facebook, it is starting to tick me off. The hate, name calling and the ugliness surrounding the opinions in regards to politics is enough to make your head spin. I want to get away from it, but I feel if I have my phone on me, I won't be able to.

The only time I will have my phone on me over the next few days will be when I drive up to the mountains to pick up my lumber for the dining room table I will be starting soon. I will also allot 15 minutes every night of those days I have off to call my mother. Other than those occasions, I will be phone free. I am going to use this time to reconnect with my wife and my pups, while taking care of things that need to be done around the home.

Starting Saturday afternoon until Thursday morning I will be smartphone free.