Have you ever thought this? I know several people that panic every time there is an all staff meeting. It's kind of funny to listen to the whispers at the water cooler.


In my experience an all staff meeting is really just a gathering of the staff to meet. LOL sorry, I couldn't resist.

Seriously though, I have never been in a meeting where we were all given pink slips (for the younger crowd that means fired). We weren't told we have to sleep at the office and work 24/7; I've never been to a meeting where they have done much more than inform us of changes or events coming up or once in awhile to introduce us to a new Big Dog.

Alright so the latter is why I thought to write about getting fired. We indeed have a new Big Dog (no not the underwear brand, a person in charge of all the other persons in the office). Anyway, as in the past, I signed up for my one on one with the new Big Dog. It was a 30 minute meeting to get to know each other, kind of like speed dating without the dating (or drink).  But here's the thing... a co-worker posted on Facebook, and we know how that social site rules the world now, no that was not sarcasm-btw! Well, he wrote on his status that the new Big Dog asked him where he saw himself in 5 years... wait, hold the phone. The New Big Dog didn't ask me this question???? Does he know I'll be living in a cabin in the mountains next to a stream (like in Oblivion)? Of course not, I know that is silly thinking or is it. (Welcome to Colorado New Big Dog)

I recently read a blog (a series of words put in a connected string that sometimes make sense and then is put out on the web for all to digest, read or ignore) by my former Big Dog. It was written nicely and hit the nail on the head that I have been swinging for years. Basically, don't live like you have one foot in the grave at your workplace, know that you do, we all do. The hammer can come down on any of us at anytime. Be a Boyscout (yes I stole that line from the former Big Dog). Just be prepared, don't over think it, don't over plan for it, just know that it can happen. Plan your reaction, your recourse, your solution-yes, and have a back up plan. Save a little, live a lot and love harder!

Gary Allan (yes this new CD is phenomenal) has a song on his new CD "One More Time" that hits home and is so important. "Will I be proud of what I've done or will I be begging for One More Time, One More Chance, One More Trip Around the Sun.... "