Typically when someone orders a garden burger, they don't add bacon and cheese, but guess who did, yep D Dennison.

Garden Burger Fun D Dennison

I don't want this to turn into a "why haven't you been to the doctor thing," I just wanted to let you know if, for whatever reason, you aren't eating red meat right now and are craving a burger, a garden burger can and will easily fill the void.

It's been about five months since I've had red meat, now before you go 'high-fiving' me for taking care of myself, being natural or organic, hang on. It was around the beginning of February, I had a stomach virus, it lasted two days and then held on for two more weeks, in a gentler capacity. (I felt fine most days, just wasn't quite right) Ever since this virus, eating meat, in general makes my tummy my enemy and other symptoms occur. No, I'm not getting specific, technically, I believe I've already crossed the TMI line.

The crazy thing is that I can eat most of the bad for you meats, like pepperoni, hotdog's, bacon and brats. But hamburgers, steaks, chicken and pork chops are off limits. The good thing is that I haven't craved red meat or anything else for that matter. Occasionally something will smell good or sound good like a grilled steak, hamburger or fried chicken. I have eaten chicken four times, all but once it has made me sick.

At this point, I don't know if it is in my head or its real. I want to test it out, but I rarely have a large enough gap in my schedule to risk getting sick for a day or night. I know if I eat too much at one time, that its an automatic tummy tumble and the shrimp I had Monday night wasn't my friend Tuesday.

Now we get back to the garden burger with cheddar cheese and bacon please... I've been seeing a lot of commercials for burgers and have been to a few BBQ's lately that have left me wanting a burger, really wanting a burger for the first time since February. I told my James I wanted to go out for a garden burger and asked him if they would think me weird to order it with cheddar cheese and bacon. He smiled at me and said, "I think that would be fine, nobody is going to laugh at you." So, that's exactly what we did last night, and guess what? A garden burger with cheddar cheese and bacon, tastes no different than a meat patty burger, NO DIFFERENT. I am now in burger Heaven.

If you want to compare a garden burger and  hamburger, you'll find great things for one that you won't find in the other and vice versa. The garden burger has half the calories and about 60% less fat. But it also has around 40% less protein and 100% more carbohydrates. And eating it the way I did with cheddar cheese and bacon please and thank you, well, there is likely no difference at all. :) But for me, I am not doing it because I'm trying to be meatless, in fact many years ago, my doctor put me on a nearly 100% vegan diet for 90 days and my bad cholesterol went up and my good went down. Go figure!

Trivia Bonus: The garden burger has only been around since about 1982 and originated in the state of Oregon.

Happy Eating!