As I read about the Titanic violin selling for 1.6 million dollars I thought to myself, hmmmm... IF I had nearly 2 million dollars would I spend it on a Titanic violin? What do you think my answer was?

A violin that was played on the Titanic before it sank was auctioned off in London today for 1.6 million dollars. The violin is corroded from the sea water and is not in working order. It is believed to be the violin of Titanic bandmaster, Wallace Hartley. It is said, just as in the movie the Titanic that Hartley and his band members played for the dying passengers until the final hour as the ship was sinking.

The handsome 1.6 million dollar bid is the largest to date for an item from the Titanic. Rumor has it that the violin, etched with Hartley's name was found near his body in the sea more than a week after the tragedy.