Typically mailing packages are quite affordable, but when you run out of time it'll cost you more dimes.

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If you don't mail your packages by Thursday, you may have to resort to using a faster USPS service. For example if you mail your package before Thursday you could potentially get away with Priority Mail which gets there in 2-3 business days, wait past Thursday you might have to use a more expensive method. Priority Mail usually costs about $5.20, using a faster method could cost upwards of $18 dollars (of course each package is different and can vary upon weight and destination)

  • Monday December 17th is the last day to ship military in time for Christmas
  • The 19th is the last day for most international packages to arrive before the big day
  • Thursday the 20th is the last day for First Class mail
  • Friday the 21st is nearly the end for mailing packages, Priority Mail for Christmas arrival ends on this day.
  • Good day for the procrastinator in the family, Saturday the 22nd is the last day for most Express mail packages to get there in time for Christmas

And in case you didn’t know, how cool is this… if you don’t have time to go to the post office and mail your packages you can go online and schedule a pick-up. Tell the USPS that you will leave your packages on your door step and wa lah, they will pick it up. Just follow the simple and easy steps on their website.