I hate my phone. I was so excited a while back when I jumped into the smartphone craze and got a Sprint Evo 4, and tossed out the old flip phone. I was ready for all the new things I could do with it. I could take pictures and videos and go online and on Facebook from anywhere. This was going to be awesome. The only problem....it has never held a charge for longer than 2 hours. I can charge it up, download 2 pictures and lose half my battery strength. I took it to Red Rocks for a concert and it died before I climbed to my seats, never got a single picture. If my phone had a butt I would kick it.

I have never really had a cell phone since I bought this. I can't even call it cordless because I have had to have it plugged in for 22 of the 24 hours in a day. I now cannot even get it to charge. I plug it in and it won't even engage enough to start a charge. I believe I am tossing the smartphone out today and getting what I should have gotten in first place, a couple cans of soup and some string. It may not have the coverage area but will be much more dependable. I tried to like my phone, in fact I even confessed to licking my phone, but the time has come to separate or just give it an epic beat down. I am going to go in and get a new one on payday but until then I will be phone-less. These days that feels like being naked doesn't it? If you need me, Facebook me, email me, send smoke signals or stop by with a pie. I will be out behind the wood shed with my phone and a belt.