I tend to think baseball purists take the game way too seriously. The ones who find poetry in the game and so forth are ones I just can't relate to. I like the game but find the season way too long. I will watch a game or 2 a year, of course that all changes if the Rockies are in the pennant hunt, but that hasn't happened too often.

My biggest problem with baseball is the fact that Pete Rose is not in the Hall Of Fame. I know Pete admitted to betting on baseball years ago and received a lifetime ban but I think that is bull. There are guys in the Hall who have done much worse things and are still honored. Yes, it was wrong to bet on the game, but how can you have a Hall of Fame and not have the leading hit leader in the history of game in it? The Hall of Fame is to celebrate the greatest to play the game, not the greatest people.

What do you think? Should the Hall of Fame include Pete Rose?