I opened my mail today and was thrilled to find a RECORD. Yes, an honest to goodness album showed up in my mail. Lee Brice made a few copies of his new release "Hard 2 Love" on 180 gram vinyl. I love it!

I am an old music junkie who misses record stores big time. I used to work in one after high school and aside from radio was the coolest job I ever had. I miss going to record stores and just looking around. I used to spend hours upon hours just thumbing through all the records. Album artwork used to be so cool. I would hold the album jacket and stare at it while I listened to my new records. Sometimes in the jacket you would find a toy or tattoo or poster or lyric sheet, there was usually some kind of bonus fun inside.There was something almost romantic about it. When you put on an album, you were committed. You didn't skip from track to track, you sat and listened to the entire album.

These days the only way to get music is going to iTunes and I hate that. How fun is it to go to a website and look at little pictures of records? I want to spend the day holding and owning my music, not just a download and computer file. Music deserves more than that. If you have a record store in your area, support it. They are the only ones who still respect the music and artistry that goes into it. Thank you Lee Brice for taking me back to my happy place.

Do you miss record stores? Where do you get your music?