I have been an election day girl since I can remember (no cheap shots about calling myself a girl please, lol) My James mailed his ballot in weeks ago, but for me there is something magical about election day. There is so much history behind voting and my right as a woman to do so. First I love calling America my natural home, I love the people and the land and nothing get's me more than listening to Lee Greenwood sing God Bless the USA or seeing a flag waving in the wind. Please watch this amazing video.

In Larimer county there are only a few issues on the ballot, it will take a few minutes to fill it out and not much more than that to drop it off. I went to Safeway on East Harmony this morning, was greeted by two incredible volunteers and no lines. I dropped my ballot in the box and got my sticker. I was on my way in less than two minutes, total time out of my day to speak my mind and stand up and be heard, 7 minutes.

On the ballot you'll decide the possible taxation of Marijuana and a  proposed ban on Fracking along with two other issues and school board candidate decisions. Remember, you don't have to ever vote for things that are unfamiliar to you, you can leave "bubbles" blank and your vote for what you are passionate about will still count.

When voting remember that there are many men and women who fight for this country everyday, to keep it safe and free. Our right to vote should never be taken for granted and despite what you hear around the water cooler or at happy hour with the gang after a beer or two, your vote does matter, please don't throw it away.