We all know the main tools of a broadcaster are their voice and the microphone. The microphone is our tool of the trade. We use them every time we speak and take for granted that they will work and do their job. We don't do a lot of maintenance to them. We just cover them with a mic condom and do our job.

Brian Gary, TSM

"Mic condom", you ask? That is the term we give the foam cover that goes over the microphone. It is to help protect the mic and keep it form getting food chunks and whatever other nasty things fly out of mouths. The problem is that it all collects on the mic condom. There are times you can actually seen hardened breath on the tip of it. You can literally scrape pieces of bad breath off the thing. I would hate to do a bacteria swab on that bad boy. It will test positive for nicotine, caffeine, sneeze and meat. I think it may be a good idea for all of us to start using our own condoms. Some things just should not be shared.