Yesterday I was sitting on my front step when I became captivated by the determination of an ant. We have always heard of the work ethic of ants and how they can carry things much bigger than they are and are dedicated workers. I was witness to that yesterday.

I saw a stick moving by the edge of my driveway and noticed one single ant carrying it. He would pull and pull and move in down the sidewalk all alone. When he would get to the cracks in the sidewalk he would leave the stick and walk through the crack first, figuring out a plan. I swear I could see him scratch his little ant head and fold his little ant arms thinking. He would then go back and grab the stick and navigate it through the crevice. He even encountered a leaf that he was pulling the stick over when the wind picked up and tumbled the leaf. He climbed off found his stick and kept going. I watched him for about half and hour go from the driveway all the way to step where I was sitting. I was so impressed by his determination to get that stick, that was 5 times his size, all the way down the sidewalk. When he got to me I grabbed his stick and stepped on him.... I AM KIDDING! This was one ant I couldn't even kill. I was too impressed with what he had done. I always step on ants but this guy won me over with his drive and determination.

It made me realize that things that seem bigger than me and impossible to do can still be done with drive and determination. It also made me realize that it is time for another application of bug killer.

Brian Gary, TSM