Yesterday was a great day just hanging out on the living room floor with my grandson Zander doing puzzles. He is getting very good at them and love watching him learn and figure things out. Seeing a child succeed is one of the coolest things in the world. I am fortunate to be with him all the time and see him grow. It is hard for me to believe he will be 3 at the end of the month. Time sure flies.

As we were finishing up puzzle number 4 yesterday I had to take a bathroom break and could hear a loud "thumping" noise coming from the living room where the puzzle making had been going down. I came out of the room to find Zander with his fist in the air pounding on the puzzle. He told me the pieces weren't going together right and thought he might need a hammer. I was so proud! My grandson wanted a puzzle hammer! I bet he would have come up a puzzle scissor if given enough time. It may not have been the proper solution but I love that he was looking for one and that it had a bit of a redneck slant to it. Today I may teach him how to cheat at solitaire.