A few months ago Brian and I hosted the Grand Ole Auction for United Way of Weld County.  My wife and I bought a package in the auction that included a night's stay at the beautiful Lodge Casino in Blackhawk.  So, last weekend we headed up the mountain for a couple days. I had big dreams. I was going to win a huge jackpot. Those dreams were dashed on a slot machine in the former mining town. I was left penniless as we headed back down the canyon! But don't shed a tear for me. We had a blast!  We got our picture taken in a photo booth and yes that is just Pepsi in Jenny's cup.

The drive up is incredible.  We took Highway 6 up Clear Creek Canyon past the Coors Brewery in Golden.  On the way up we saw at least 7 or 8 deer.  It's pretty common to see wildlife on the trip.  You can also get to Blackhawk from I-70 on the Central City Parkway.  The scenery on that road is real purty too.

I also have a rule when I gamble; Only take as much money as you can afford to spend and never use your credit card to get more money. Learned that one the hard way.  Set a limit each day and just count that money as the price of entertainment for the day.  I actually like to play the games like Blackjack and Poker and Let It Ride. They just don't like me back.

I did discover my new favorite buffet in Blackhawk.  It's the Lodge Casino's Season's Buffet.  It's only 20 bucks during the weekend. It has all-you-can-eat surf and turf and crab legs for dinner.  You could get as much as you want and some people were especially selfish with the shellfish. (Not me of course!)  I also really enjoyed the desserts, which features milk and white chocolate fountains! I wanted to bathe in them-but didn't.

Oh, there is also lots of hiking and biking and sightseeing near Blackhawk, but we were pretty much lazy the whole weekend!  We will be back to make another donation very soon.