Charley Barnes is one my dearest friends in the whole world. I love this man. Charley is one guy who has been there for me in all situations. He has helped me and been there for me when no one else was. He inspires me with his patriotism and his abilities in this business. My motorcycle trips to Topeka with Charley are the highlight of my year.

Now anyone who knows Charley knows that he can be a little surly at times too. God love him but you don't want to be around Charley if he is mad. One thing about Charley is you always know what mood he is in. I have found his TV twin. One of my favorite shows right now is Shipping Wars. One of the main characters on the show is guy named Roy. Roy is an excellent shipper who is known to be a bit of a bear at times. These two not only resemble each other but sound a bit like each other too. Imagine if Charley had long hair...this is what he would look like. Check out the video below and decide for yourselves.