I was so fortunate to be raised by the most wonderful mother in the world. My mom has always been there for me. I gave her every reason to give up but she never did. She has always been supportive and my biggest fan. I remember when I was a little boy and wanted to put on shows for the neighborhood, she would transcribe the lyrics of Elvis songs for me so I could sing them to the crowd. Even to this day there isn't a week that goes by when I don't wish mom was close and would just come over and take care of me. I have never felt safer than I did under mom's watch. I am blessed to still have her with me and she is more wonderful than ever. She taught me true love.

I have seen this same love with my wife and our children. My wife is the kind of mom who would give the clothes off her back to make sure our kids had all they needed and more. She sacrificed everything to work and provide for our kids. She has always put the kids needs in front of hers. She is the one the kids reach out to when they have a problem because she has that special love that only a mom can offer. My kids are so lucky to have her and they know it.

I now get to see my daughter pass on the lessons she has learned as she is a great mom to my grandson. I love seeing how he lights up when she comes through the door and yells "mommy". I am happy to see another generation of my family have the mothering love I had passed on.

This year for Mother's Day, make sure mom knows how much you appreciate her. Flowers will die and candy will get eaten but words will last forever. Tell her what is in your heart and make sure she has no doubt of your gratitude. You may want to throw in a card or some candy and flowers too. She is pretty awesome after all.