There are hundreds of sites that are begging people for likes on Facebook.  Some are asking for a million likes.  Some are more modest.  They only want a thousand likes. Perhaps one of the most successful attempts was by the kids in the picture above.  They called their Facebook page "Two Girls and a Puppy". They  asked for a million likes and their Dad would get them a puppy.  They did and he did!

I can't decide if the kid below is cute or creepy.   He claims his Dad would get him a stripper if he gets one million likes on Facebook. Last time I checked he had just over 3,000. Sorry kid! You ain't gonna make it.

If This Page Reaches 1 Million Likes Dad Will Get Me A Stripper, Facebook

This one is much more modest in every sense of the word, a couple of cute kids asking for only 1,000 likes and they get a cat.  Seems easy enough, but I never heard if they got the cat.

Marisa Papile Urbano, Facebook

The guy in the picture below did reach his goal of a million likes. No word on if it paid off. A pathetic attempt if you ask me, but since you are not asking me, kudos to the young man.

Petter Kverneng, Facebook

This might be my favorite one of all. There is actually a Facebook page called "One Million Likes and I Will Do Nothing".

One million likes and I will do nothing, Facebook