I don’t understand grumpy people. Moods can spread like disease and grumpy is a common and wicked virus. Do you have one of those co-workers that before anyone goes into their office you have to ask what the “mood” is in there before you go in? People who are only happy when they have something to complain about have no place in my circle of friends.


We all have people like this in our work environment. Ask how they are and they sarcastically say something like, “just living the dream” or “another day in paradise”. When you walk by them in the hall they don’t even say hello just maybe a grunt. They are kind of like Yosemite Sam without the southern charm.

What do you do when you work with this type of Debbie or Doug Downer? Be exceptionally fabulous in their face. Just as a grumpy mood can spread through a building, so can a good mood. Smiles and happiness spread even better than grumpy. Laugh louder, smile brighter, dance goofier, whatever it takes. We happiness warriors need to take it upon ourselves to put an end to grumpiness. I am thinking of starting a telethon each year and raise money to buy them all a big cup of “cheer the heck up”.

If you are going to be a downer, do the world a favor and stay home alone.