Where does the time go? Last year I turned 50 years old. Todd and I are closing in on 30 years together on K99 and now my little boy is turning 30 on Friday. Life sure moves fast but I wouldn't trade this one for anything in the world. I have the job I have always wanted and get to work with people I love and I have the most amazing family in the world. It all started with my son Nick 30 years ago.

Nick Flaa, TSM

Nick saved my life 30 years ago and I mean that literally. I was a young man who was slow at growing up and figuring out what life was all about. I was making bad decisions with no eye on the future. Being a father shook my world and made me wake up and realize that I had an important purpose in life. I was a father. I had to get my stuff together and be an example to a young mind. Nick became my reason for everything. I treasure the memories of taking him to work with me when he was little and having him sit in the studio. He grew up going everywhere with dad. I would still love to take him with wherever I go. He makes me a better man. This is one my all time favorite pictures of Nick. He used to come to work with me on Saturday mornings. He would bring along a pack of Fun Fruits to eat but hated the yellow ones. He would sit there and do the show with me while dining on those other colors of Fun Fruits. I still cannot see a pack of them without thinking of him and feeling my heart warm up a little.

Photo by Brian Gary

I love my son so much and am so proud of the man he has become. He provides for his beautiful family, owns a wonderful home and is the kind of father to my granddaughter Kirzi that a kid dreams of having. I have always had people come up to me and tell me what a kind and fine young man my son is. There is nothing that makes a father more proud than seeing his son turn into a great man. I see it clearly. Happy birthday son. I am so honored to be your dad. I love you Nick.