Dog Food facebook page[/caption] Yes it's true. I ate a big bowl of dog food and actually loved it!

Now, there is a bit of a backstory here. My family is of the dog loving kind. We absolutely love our pooches. We have Diego, a Chihuahua mix, the old man of the group. Louie is our one-eyed pug and Kingston is the baby. By baby, I mean our 133 lbs. 1 year old blue merle Great Dane.

Danny Joe, TSM

I came home after work on Wednesday just after lunch. My wife, Sara, and our daughters had already eaten so I had to fend for myself. So I started foraging around the kitchen, looking through the pantry. I opened the fridge a half dozen times to gain some culinary inspiration. Then, I saw it!

If you know anything about Great Danes, besides their size being comparable to that of a small horse, they are prone to sensitive stomachs. So from time to time we have to include ingredients like rice, pumpkin, boiled chicken and veggies to help get their digestive system get back on track. Now back to the kitchen. I saw it and it looked delicious. The dog food was on the stove.

Danny Joe, TSM

So I got a bowl and started filling it with the concoction of white rice, hamburger meat and green beans. As I'm digging in, I hear my wife laughing. It was then that I learned the food I was about to partake in, was in fact meant for Kingston. I felt a empty stomach sadness come over me, but after Sara told me it was safe to eat. I did! After adding some salt and pepper then a touch of BBQ sauce, I stuffed my face. And it was delicious! So tasty that it has become a regular meal at our house. Dog food! Who knew? In fact we are dining on dog food tonight. Who wants some?