We have to keep our eyes open all the time. We are given signs and direction constantly but sometimes we are not paying attention and miss them. I am a very spiritual man. I believe that there is something bigger than us out there and I find strength and peace in that.

Brian Gary, TSM

Whenever I am going through some of life's trials I will sit alone and find a mentally peaceful place and ask for direction, guidance or some kind of sign. I did this just other day before coming back to work. I sat on my deck and was having a prayerful moment asking for a sign when I looked up and saw this in the sky. It was like "X" marked the spot. I felt it was a sign to trust more, have faith and remember to give thanks and be grateful. I asked for a sign and I got a giant "X" in the sky. Some would say it was just a coincidence that two planes left trails at the same time. I know better because I am tuned in, watching and listening and plan on staying that way. Life is much better when I look to the sky and give thanks. Have a wonderful weekend and a great 4th of July celebration with those you love and keep your eyes and ears open for those signs. They are all around you.