I have always believed in the power of music. Music picks you up when you are down, sits with you when you need a friend, makes your heart heal, makes you reflect, makes you smile and makes you move. I feel it’s power has never really been completely utilized. We all need a little more music in our lives and we would be a happier society.

I conducted a test once to see if I could change the atmosphere of my home with music.When my wife would get home from work around 5 I was usually sitting in my chair watching the news. She would sit down and the first thing she would hear was whatever bad news or crisis was going on the world and we would sit and talk about how crazy the world is. That kind of set the mood for the night. Then for a few nights right before 5 I put on some music and was just jamming when she came home. It is amazing how much of a better mood you are in if you walk through the door to the sounds of George Strait instead of Lester Holt. We end up singing and dancing and having a much better evening all because of the power of music. Every time I go to cook dinner or clean the house I crank up the tunes and I get my work done much better and happier. If you need some help with an attitude adjustment try giving yourself the healing power of music. One size fits all. Music is the perfect ingredient for a happy holiday season.