I got the greatest news over Christmas...I am going to be a grandpa again!!! My son Nick and the love of his life Kia are expecting in August. The baby is due the day before my son's birthday. What a blessing! I am so happy for them. They broke the news on Facebook by posting the above picture. ICE ICE BABY! They are a great young couple who live in Todd's hometown of Holyoke, Colorado.

I already have 2 wonderful grandsons and look forward to another little boy to play with or perhaps they will bless me with my first granddaughter. Either way this is going to one lucky child to be raised by these 2. Every dad dreams that they get to see their child go off, find the job and partner that they love, find a home and be blessed with being a parent. This is going to be an exciting summer. Can't wait for Zander and Zayden to meet their new cousin in August.