One debate I just can’t understand is “Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays”? Does it really matter? Are either of these offensive? I say not at all. Say whatever you want. If you celebrate Christmas as the birth of the baby Jesus, say Merry Christmas to everyone you meet. No one should be offended by wishing someone joy and happiness during a holiday you celebrate.

If you look at this time of the year as a festival of winter and gift exchanging or have other religious beliefs, then greet everyone you meet with a “Happy Holidays” or whatever your pleasure and no one should be offended. Who cares what someone else celebrates? We should all be free to call our celebration whatever we want and have no fear over how anyone reacts. No one should ever be upset with someone wishing them well.

Everyone needs to lighten up and let people celebrate the way they want. Do not be offended. We all can celebrate and call it whatever we want. The other day I heard someone say “Merry Christmas” to someone who gave a “harumph” sound back and said “I say Happy Holidays”. Don’t try to correct someone into saying what you say. Let everyone have it their way. This is a magical time of year no matter what you call it. I believe so I say Merry Christmas and if those words are bothersome to you, you have a problem. Wish me Happy Holidays and I will say “thank you very much” and be touched that you wished for my happiness. That is the way it should be. Celebrate whatever you celebrate but make sure spreading love and joy are part of your plan. That is what this season is truly all about. I wish you joy and happiness and hope you find some this Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, December or whatever you choose to call it.