I am Brian Gary and I am just me. I am not a republican or a democrat. I am just a free thinking American who would prefer to never wear a label. I want to be free to wander through life and have no box to have to fit in. I am an individual.

I love country music, horses and rodeo but I ain't really a cowboy. I ride a Harley and love my bike but I ain't really a biker. I love the mountains but sure as hell ain't no hiker. I love sports but I ain't an athlete. I can tell you every lyric to a song but am not a singer. I love my Jesus but am still a sinner. I ain't no chef but can cook a mean dinner. I don't wear a medal but feel in this life that I'm a winner.

Don't worry about fitting in and wearing a certain uniform. You are free to paint with all the colors you have inside of you. Don't let yourself be defined by life's labels. The world needs more individuals like you and I. Be you and be proud.