Another human has reported an aggressive coyote on a popular trail in Boulder County.
The Colorado Parks and Wildlife website notes: 'Coyotes have adjusted very well to human-disturbed environments, and now thrive in close proximity to people.'  They also point out that Native Americans consider them to be the smartest animal on earth ("God’s dog").

There's a pack of coyotes that frequents the inactive fields near my home.  On occasion I've seen my dogs out running with them in what appeared to be an innocent game of 'you chase me - then I chase you'.  My husband warns the dogs are in danger, but our 60 pound standard poodles always come back happy and exhausted.  At night we hear 'choir practice'. They keep their distance and are an almost magical element to our country living.

Humans can co-exist with coyotes if WE follow some basic guidelines:
If a Coyote Approaches You:

  • Do not run or turn your back
  • Be as big and loud as possible
  • Wave your arms and throw objects
  • Face the coyote and back away slowly
  • If attacked, fight back

Meanwhile, rangers are stepping up patrols along the Boulder Creek Path.  The Daily Camera reports officials are meeting today to discuss this situation.