I'm not sure what's up but it must have something to do with the stars not being in alignment or something.  For the second summer in a row, thousands of acres here in Colorado are being consumed by 17 wildfires at the time of this story.

The biggest fire/s right now is still the 'West Fork Complex Fire' (South Fork, Windy Pass and Papoose fires) that is still threatening the town of South Fork itself causing an all out evacuation Friday and the Papoose fire now threatening the town of Creede.

The South Fork fire is pushing 55,000 acres as of Saturday afternoon while the Papoose fire may be burning up to 20,000 acres with little containment as it burns through heavy beetle kill along Wolf Creek Pass.

Evacuation centers have been set up in Gunnison and reports of smoke are being reported as far South as Taos NM.