Because they cost a fortune, I’ve usually just picked up used cowboy boots at consignment stores. You know, boots that had conformed to some other women’s feet.  They serve me well but for the first time in 20 years I bought brand new boots that were way too expensive and way too cute.

My justification was our trip to Nashville to receive our broadcasting CMA awards November 6th.  I wanted comfortable boots to travel in and wear as we ran full tilt boogie from one event to another in our 48 hour excursion.

Many of the male county singers we saw perform were indeed wearing theirs, but surprisingly, I didn't see a lot of women wearing cowboy boots in Nashville. I felt like a rebel.

Since this purchase I have worn them EVERYDAY. That's more than 2 weeks. We start at 4am feeding the horses, then it's off to the studios to work, then a bevy of errands from picking up hay to grocery shopping, THEN it's home for chores...all in the same comfortable and practical pair of boots.  While they are adorned with sequins and bling they also work hard in the barn.  When I walk with and work my horses I no longer change into athletic shoes, these boots do it all.

The only thing that I can't do in them is ride in my saddle. Something cricks my left foot.  A bit ironic, huh?