I am from Colorado, born and raised, so I may have a skewed point of view, but I always thought we had no accent, and really didn't have too many slang words that were just ours. Turns out I was wrong! 

The website Single Dad Laughing recently put out an article that says all states have a least a few slang words that a specific to them.

As for our state, I am either a horrible Coloradoan, or I have been sheltered to these words all my life...

Flatlander – anyone not from Colorado.

Endo – crashing end over end on your skis or snowboard. “The granola (person from california) just endo’d!”

Gnar – gnarly, gnarled… “That endo was gnarly, dude”

I don't live in the mountains, and I am assuming the "flatlander" one is probably a mountain-folk term. I also don't do a whole lot of skiing, so that explains why I don't know the "endo" term, and I also thought gnarly was a California or Hawaii surf term... But what do I know? Clearly not Colorado slang!

Do you know any Colorado slang this list missed? If so, tell us in the comment section below.