Every man is born with a Guy Card. Some of us just can't can't seem to hold on to ours.  Over the years I have had a number of Guy Card violations. Yes, at times I have done things that could be considered less than manly.  I did just that again yesterday.

It wasn't just one thing. It was a series of events that led to my Guy Card being revoked. Here are my violations from yesterday:


  • I watched "Ellen" yesterday afternoon by myself...and I enjoyed it!
  • My wife and I spent $48 on hair-care products yesterday....for me!
  • I watched the finale of "The Bachelor" last night...and I cried!
  • The worst part was my wife was the one who took my Guy Card away!

I humbly accept whatever punishment will be levied against me by the Guy Card Council for my violations! If you ever have any questionable behavior or need clarification on a possible Guy Card violation, please call Brian and Todd Monday-Friday from 5 to 9 a.m. at 1-800-500-2599!

You may also admit to or report a Guy Card violation in the comment section below!