I have been driving a new car and talking about it on the radio. On Friday morning, on my drive to work, I forgot to turn on the lights, so I was pulled over by a Fort Collins police officer on suspicion of drunken driving. It gets worse.

I had also forgotten to put the proper registration and proof of insurance in the glove box, so it looked like the car was stolen. I had no way to prove I was supposed to driving this vehicle. Luckily I was pulled over by a very kind and understanding police officer.

The conversation went something like this:

Officer: Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?

Todd: Um, no.

Officer: Did you notice your lights are off?

Todd: Oh crap! Well, no wonder! I would have pulled me over too.

Officer: I don't smell alcohol. Have you been drinking?

Todd: I have never had a drink of alcohol in my life.

Officer: Really?

Todd: That's true.

Officer: Wow! Have you taken any drugs?

Todd: Just my high blood pressure medicine.

Officer: Your lights were off and I did see you cross the center line a couple of times. If I had smelled alcohol on you, I would arrest you right now.

Todd: Now that surprises me. I may have been close to the yellow line,but I would swear in court that I was not swerving.

Officer: May I see your registration and proof of insurance?

Todd: Well, it's not my car!

Officer: Look, I'm not trying to jack you around, but you have to admit this looks suspicious.

Todd: I know. I can explain.

And I did! Thankfully, the officer believed me when I explained that I was driving the car so I could do a testimonial on the radio, so I was still learning some of the finer details. He believed me when I told him I had driven the same truck for five years and was used to the lights being on automatically. He believed me when I said I hadn't been drinking. He also believed that not having the proper paperwork was an honest mistake, but did instruct me to remedy the situation before I drove the car again...which I did!

Bottom line: I didn't get a ticket, but I was a little late for work.