So we have this big auction going on right now, and one of the items up for grabs is one case of craft beer per week for 15 weeks with up to two different craft beer types from Brix Wine & Spirits. It got me to thinking... If I won this item what would I do with all the empty beer bottles? Well, you could always turn them into glasses. Here's how... 

What you need:

• Clean, empty, glass bottles (the thinner the glass, the easier it comes apart)

• Lighter Fluid

• String

• Sandpaper

• Lighter

• Ice water

Step 1:

Cut a long length of yarn and wrap it around your glass bottle where you want the bottle to separate and where the top of the glass will be. Tie a knot in the yarn and remove the yarn from the bottle

Step 2:

Soak the string in lighter fluid

Step 3:

Hold the bottle over the sink filled with ice water. VERY CAREFULLY light the yarn with lighter and slowly rotate the bottle so the flame burns the yarn all the way around evenly. Rotate bottle until yarn burns out.

 Step 4:

Submerge bottle into ice water.

Step 5:

Using your sandpaper, sand the rim of the glass down until smooth

BOOYEAH!!! Now you have done your good deed for the day and recycled all those empty beer bottles that you were going to throw away, and you have some pretty cool glasses at the same time!