Have you ever tried to talk your way out of a ticket? I have never successfully done this but I know of people who have. It seems like the ladies have a easier time doing this than men. I know my wife got out of one once after dropping our son off at the airport. She was driving home crying her eyes out and got pulled over. She said she couldn't see the speedometer because of the tears from saying goodbye to Nick and they felt sorry for her and gave her a warning and a tissue.

A retired NYPD officer, Jerry Kane, was on 20/20 the other night and shared some tips on how not to get a ticket. He said that officers always have to be a bit nervous and cautious when approaching your vehicle so make sure your hands are visible on the steering wheel. If it is night time, you should turn on your interior lights so they can see you are no a danger to them. He says it's okay to play dumb, sometimes it helps. Crying can work but only if you are a woman. A man breaking down in tears will not get out of a ticket and may actually loose his guy card with his license. It is true that attractive people get more breaks and keep your speed to less than 10 miles per hour over the limit. The easiest way to avoid a ticket would be to obey the law. Good luck with that.