Mr. Right comes in all different shapes, sizes and personalities and what didn't work for another girl might be the perfect fit for you. I've seen it happen many times when two co-workers or even friends find out he other is dating an ex, the friend obviously dated the guy before knowing the friend otherwise that would be a violation of the girl code. But really how do you know if he IS Mr. Right Material?


As everyone is different everyone is the same. We all, whether we admit it or not have expectations and need certain wants to be fulfilled. (keep it clean, most women gave up on an intimate $@x life a long time ago)

Some of the most important thing's that prove your mister is Mr. Right are the simplest thing's in life, so simple most men don't even take them seriously. Clearly you have to know what matters most to you, what makes you comfortable and keeps you excited to be with your man. His laugh, the little things he does, the stories he tells, his humor, etc... So overall here is a list of what is important and to what degree your man should have these qualities, generally speaking. Remember, everyone is as different as they are the same so the general rule might not be enough for you, but it's a good start on what to look for in your Mister Right.


  • He should posses at least 75% trustworthiness. (some think that should be a much higher percentage, but if you can trust him in ALL things at least 75% of the time, he could be Mr. Right-be honest with yourself, we all have a margin of error when it comes to the truth-never expect more than you can bring to the table)
  • His Anger should NEVER escalate into abuse- physical, verbal or both
  • Back to anger, you are both allowed to get mad and speak of your anger, do it in a non yelling manner and if that's not possible put space between you for at least an hour and revisit the situation, if emotions, anger and frustration are still at the surface you each need more time. If you cannot successfully argue, he might not be your Mr. Right. People will argue and disagree, but there is a fine line between a healthy debate and an argument that will leave emotion scars or resentment.
  • Household chores, if you have a man at 30%, you have a keeper. After all, household chores is woman's work, yard work is mans work. :P Seriously, like you, men don't like to do dishes or laundry and if he does these things, he loves you!
  • Children, does he want them? Have you seen him around family and friends kids? If he shares at least a 60% interest in them, he could be your Mr. Right. One of the biggest fears for men when it comes to kids is that it will change your life, that the kids will always and forever be your new number one and he won't get any time with you like he does child free. Know this going into the thought of children and remember to keep date night-ALWAYS, keep a portion of the day for just the two of you, even if its only a half hour and don't forget to be intimate.
  • Grudges, will he hold grudges against you for something you did 'wrong' and never let it go, bringing it up whenever you disagree or when he feels like he isn't getting enough attention from you, even if its just to engage you in conversation, this is NOT your Mr. Right
  • Does he open the door for you at least 30% of the time? Then he might be the one.
  • When you are sick, does he step up and feed the pets, bring you soup and check on you periodically to see if you are okay or need something? If so, yep, this is the guy for you.
  • I personally am not much of a on the phone kind of woman, I love texting or leaving little notes, does your guy randomly leave you a note or text you that he is thinking about you, being considerate is a keeper quality, don't give up on this one.
  • If he corrects you or tells you how you could do something better more than 30% of the time, he may not be for you. He then doesn't understand that he isn't helping you, as he might think, but actually cutting you down and not trusting you to make your own choices and decisions.
  • Does he cook for you occasionally? This isn't a big one for me as I love to cook, but I do find it incredibly romantic and kind when my James brings me a cup of coffee while I'm getting ready for work-does your man do things like this, out of the blue breakfast in bed, surprise you at work with lunch, take off your shoes? This is actually a plus plus quality and doesn't quite disqualify him for Mr. Right material, just a nice feature (sounds like I'm talking about a vacuum cleaner, lol)
  • When you're sad does he hold you or tell you to man up? If he is insensitive in your time of sorrow, for whatever the reason, and trying to attach logic to your pain instead of just holding you, he could be missing the target on the Mr. Right bulls eye.
  • Common interest, this is important to only a 40% degree. I'm not buying into the opposites attract line, but if you have at least 40% in common this gives you plenty opportunities to show each other things you might not have considered before, this also gives you the space we all need, you can go off with the girls and he with the guys or off by yourself without ever overcrowding each other or feeling obligated to be with each other. I only caution that you keep the lines of communication open so that neither one of you start to feel like you don't matter in their lives or worse would be just fine without the other.

I think that is enough to get you going on the right path. The key, always, is communication, civil communication. There will always be another guy or girl in your life, but if you want to keep this one and its healthy there are ways to turn maybe Mr. Maybe into Mr. Right.

Good luck ... live and love loudly, time is short