We all search for the key to happiness. We need joy in our lives. The key to being happy is to have something that brings you joy each day. If you have something you do each day that brings you joy, you have found the key to life. Joy! There is nothing we crave and need more than joy. You may find joy in your job, the people you work with, the family waiting at home, driving your vehicle, a hobby or a pet. We all need something that brings us joy.

What if you cannot find any joy in your life? What if you are alone or hate your job and really can't find the joy? If you can't find joy in your own life, make a conscience effort to create joy in others lives. If you make it a goal to bring joy to others you may be surprised to find that making others feel good makes you feel good. You will find your joy in creating it for others. There is nothing in this world that feels better than giving happiness to others. If you are in a rut and cannot find joy for yourself, find a way to make some for someone else and you will find yours. I guarantee it. Have a great day today and spread the joy.