I am the worlds most hypersensitive human. I work in the public for a living. The product I sell is me. That is a very personal product. If people don't like your product it is YOU that they do not like. That can be a very difficult thing to deal with for someone who wears their heart on their sleeve like I do. I can have a thousand people tell me they love me and then have one person tell me I suck and that is all I can think about. I know it is me that has the problem. I have to be better at not letting that get into my bloodstream and infect my whole body and mind. The strongest people are able to put it in perspective and toss it aside. I am working on that strength.

I just wish people would think before sending out or speaking hurtful things. Think about how the person is going to feel when they hear what you have to say or write. What is the goal you are trying to achieve with your statement? Is it just to make that person feel bad? If you really can't come up something you want to accomplish other that just getting something off your chest...keep it on your chest or tell your dog. I have written before that words hurt worse than weapons so use them wisely and peacefully.

I got a letter this morning that was unsigned with no return address that just ripped me. It was the worst letter I have received in 25 years and the coward would not even sign it so I could discuss the issues. That is chicken. If you are big enough to say you better be big enough to own it. It ruined my day immediately and I was brought to tears. I know that is my fault for being so open with my feelings but I cannot change the way I am wired. I am thankful I have a couple little boys at home to go play with that do not know how to be mean yet. Some days you just have to take your ball, go home and play in your room and shut the world out until you are ready to deal with it again. I am doing that today. I have never had a bad day, just some bad hours. I will go home and be reminded what is important and forget about my morning in no time. I know the key to getting over these episodes is to immerse myself in a pool of joy. Pets, children, family and good friends can be that pool. Thanks for letting me vent and being there for me. I may be the one with the microphone but I need you more than you could ever know. Thanks for being there.