We all know the song 'The 12 Days of Christmas' and sing it every year. I have always thought it was an odd list of items to buy someone for Christmas but sang along anyway. Each year they come out with a list of what the it would cost to buy all the items listed in the '12 Days' song. This year the total cost is just over $156,000 while last year it was just over $155,000. I think that price is insane and I am ready to show you how to shop for the 12 Day of Christmas on working man's budget.

They claim the 12 drummers drumming and 11 pipers piping will set you back around $8,000. I know a lot of musicians and I think I could get them to do it for a bar tab, some smoke and a few hundred bucks. We will go $500 max for the drummers and pipers.

The 10 lords a leaping they claim are around $5000. I think I can guilt them into doing it for free since they are lords and it's Christmas and everything. I think if I just asked them nicely they would jump for free.

The nine ladies dancing is said to run around 7 grand. $7000!! That is crazy! I have been to a gentleman's club and know that you can get a little dance for a dollar so I am looking at $10 max here.

The price listed for eight maids a milking is about $60. I tried to Google this for a better deal but when you Google "maids a milking" you end up in some very odd and naughty places so we will just leave that one alone. I am still rattled by what I saw. $60 it is!

For the seven swans a swimming you would need over $13,000 or just get them some pink flamingos from Home Depot for $8 a pair...$28 and your done...BOOM!

It will cost nearly $400 for six geese a laying or just get them the eggs. That is what they really want. How does $3 sound? Get a whole dozen.

You could spend around $750 on five golden rings or just get an Olympic pin, which has five rings on it, for about $10.

Who really wants four calling birds for $600? They get damn annoying. I would rather have four falling birds out the sky after they get nailed by a hunting buddy. A $10 box of shells ought to do the trick.

You could spend nearly $200 on three french hens or just go with a few Cornish game hens stuffed with wild rice for about $5 a bird.

The two turtle doves will set you back about $200 a piece or do the right thing and just get a couple of those delicious chocolatey Dove Bars for a couple bucks each and you are gold. $5.

The final piece of the 12 days would be the partridge in the pear tree. That piece rings in at just over $200 or get them a chicken and shoe tree for $25.

There you have it. You can spend the $156,000 for the traditional 12 Days of Christmas or go with the Brian Gary budget priced 12 days which, oddly, comes to $666. Merry Christmas