The Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall was in Fort Collins over the holiday weekend and I rode out to see it on Sunday. I have seen it before when it came to Northern Colorado years ago but I will go see it anytime it is around. I want to go to real one but this will have to do until that day comes.

Brian Gary, TSM

They estimate that over 20,000 people made a trip to see "The Wall" while it was here and I was proud to be one of them. I was so taken by the people who were there. You could see the stories on their faces. You could read the pain and emotion. I watch countless vets walk up to wall and stand there in silence. I could tell their minds were racing but no words came out. I saw tears and comfort from families. I saw men being held by their wives and children as they were overcome with emotion. I watched as a man sat and listened to every name being read from the wall and could only imagine what he was feeling. Words are hard to find to describe the feelings as I stood there. I read the names on the wall and thought how sad it was that everyone of those names had a family attached to them and people who were waiting for them to come home. It broke my heart. I thank everyone who made the ultimate sacrifice and thank those whose names are not on that wall but live with the pain every day. God bless you and thank you for what you have done for me. I will never take it for granted.