As a kid I always wanted to be a rock star or a football player. Jon Bon Jovi may become as close to both as you can get. The rock star is reportedly attempting to become an owner of the Buffalo Bills once 95 year old owner Ralph Wilson passes.  The Bills have not made the postseason since 1999 and Jon would love to have the chance to turn that around. Jon has owned a team in the arena league when he had the Philadelphia Soul. Rock band KISS now has an arena team called the LA KISS.

I got to thinking how things might be different if a rocker owned an NFL team.

. Announcer's will overuse the line..."Buffalo is Living on a Prayer here in the fourth quarter."

. At the 2 minute warning the team will leave the field until the crowd cheers loud enough and then they will come back on field for the 2 minute "encore" while the crowd goes nuts.

. A QB sneak will be called a "solo"

. Instead of screaming the crowd will hold up lighters and cell phones

. One game a season the helmets will be replaced with mullets sprayed with Aqua Net

. They will change names to the Buffalo Bon Jovis or the Buffalo Jon's. The Jon's would a picture of guy buying a hooker or a toilet bowl as a logo on the helmet.

. The trainer will be accused of distributing "Bad Medicine".

Thank you for coming. I'll show myself out.