My standard poodle is 9 years old and has my back in so many ways.  The photo above shows her warming up my spot for an afternoon nap.  I LOVE that. ( I wish I'd find her on the drivers seat  in my cold truck in the mornings.:)

Jazz understands  many words, squirrel is her favorite, but it's her intuitiveness that is really remarkable. She knows when it's time to go out with 'Dad' as he smokes a cigar in his shop.  She understands when it's time to stay inside the house even when she doesn't want to.  According to 'Dad' Jazz will not bark at the door if the light is off in my bedroom, he thinks she knows not to disturb 'Mom' during beauty sleep.

She and our other poodle Lucy go to work with my husband, a psychiatrist, every day.  They provide opportunity for ANYONE seeing the doc to pet them during the office visit.  Some may see that as therapy.  Often times the poodles come out smelling of perfume which is a really nice change from smellling like they've just come from the barn.

Susan Moore, TSM

She's a pretty terrific barn dog and my constant companion  every day. We like to watch the sunset with the Arabian horses, then go inside for dinner and Jeopardy.

Susan Moore, TSM

See some wild poodle hair styles here.

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