We know our Susan Moore has a long streak of redneck in her but this weekend it nearly cost me some flesh. We all know that a good farm girl can do wonders with some duct tape and twine but what about when you are out in public hosting an event and try to dress up and cover up your redneck? It can't be done.

Brian Gary, TSM

Saturday we were all decked out and hosting the Waltz for the Wolves at The Ranch. Susan looked stunning in her black dress but her redneck was shinning bright. I got to our table to find a fork fastened to a chair. Susan had needed a place to hang her purse and figured stringing her purse over a fork through the opening in the chair was the answer. I must admit it was very creative but dangerous. I went to lean in and ask her something and put my hand on the back of her chair when my hand was nearly impaled by her redneck purse hanger. It's dangerous hanging out with a redneck girl. I must say it was a brilliant idea though.