Before I get beat to a pulp by angry pregnant women, let me explain. I was sitting at home last night with my very pregnant daughter Vanessa. Vanessa is due in just weeks so she is rather uncomfortable and tired and somewhat miserable at times. I tell her that she only has to carry that belly and weight around for a few months and that I do it every day so she should just keep quiet. That doesn't go over well, as you can imagine.

Yesterday I was watching her eat chocolate pudding and drinking orange soda when I realized that the food cravings of a pregnant woman are very similar to those of a wasted convenience store customer at 2 am. I can remember those late night stops for a burrito, Cajun flavored chips and chocolate milk on the way home from the bar when I was a drinking man. Right now I know a lot of guys are trying to figure out if they are wasted a lot or pregnant because I just described your everyday diet which can make you look pregnant. The other similarity, aside from the struggle to walk, is that you really don't want to argue with either of these people.