I am pretty stingy with money unless its something I really like and want. I am a Coach bag nut and will watch for the savings and have never paid full price, but non-the-less, I still likely pay more for one on sale than the average bag. So I'll buy one or two less espresso's when I buy a bag, but in other area's, I won't spend a dime over what I think its worth, even if I love it. What about you?

Source: thecools.com via Earmark Social on Pinterest

This dress here is my example, while looking through Pinterest today I found this and thought, man this is super cute and the shoes too, so I followed the link to the page where it's offered...are you nuts? This must be a joke, any guesses how much this dress is? Come on, give it a try... nope, higher... closer... nearly $2,000 are you kidding me, I could go on a European vacation for that much money...  (I'm not kidding, click the links for a European vacation for less than the dress)

What is your limit on a dress or anything? D's mind wants to know!