Some may argue that all you need to be happy living in the great state of Colorado is a window with a view, others may think it's enough money to make a trip to the local pot shop, and then there are the people who made this map that say if you aren't rich, you can't be happy. 

Doug Short is the vice president of research at the investment group Advisor Perspectives, and he came up with this map that basically says money is the only key to happiness.

I am certain I can be so much more happy with millions of dollars, true, but I can promise you that I don't come close to touching what this dude says I have to make to be happy, and I don't feel sad...

Anyway, according to this map, you have to make $75,300 per year in Colorado to achieve your ideal level of happiness. That is the 20th most of any state in the study.

The state you need to be the richest in to be happy is Hawaii where you need to make $122,175, and if you are like me, and know that is never possible, consider Mississippi where you only have to make like triple what I make to be happy... $65,850, and that is as cheap as happiness comes!