We are just over seven months into what is one of the most controversial, yet lucrative, laws to take effect in Colorado, and even United States, history. Since marijuana became legal in the state at the beginning of 2014 experts have been studying, and released a new report on Wednesday (July 9). 

Colorado's Department of Revenue compiled the first market study since we legalized the drug, and it showed just who is buying the weed in Colorado, also how much we are using among other things.

The study concluded that total market demand for marijuana in Colorado is about 130 metric tons a year. By the way that is the equivalent of 287,259 pounds, and weighs more than a space shuttle or blue whale, but not quite as weighty as a locomotive.121 tons for residents and about 9 tons for visitors.

We also found out that visitors account for 44 percent of the marijuana retail sales in the Denver area. In the mountains and other vacation spots, visitors to Colorado account for 90 percent of dispensary traffic.