My wife worked in the fast food industry for 30 years before she was ceremoniously tossed in the trash can a few years back. She was phenomenal at what she did and knew how to control profit and loss like no one else. That is why she just cringes when we go to a fast food drive thru and sees some of the things they do that are just wasteful.

I believe my local Taco Bell may be the most guilty of this. We went through the drive thru the other night and got 9 items. We got to the window and asked for some hot sauce to go. When we pulled out the food from the bag we dumped out a pile of sauce packets high enough to have to hire a Sherpa to reach the summit of. There had to be at least 4 packets of sauce per taco. I have to think that they could have hired another employee for the money they wasted on my hot sauce alone.

Am I the only one who gets overloaded with sauce? Have you been buried in packets too?