It is no secret that I love my Harley, who I have named Stella. Stella and I have been together for about 7 years now. Our relationship is stronger than ever. I love my lady. There is nothing like getting on her and letting all your troubles and worries disappear into the rumble of a back roads ride. I also am a Harley clothing junkie.

The other day Todd asked me how many Harley shirts I actually own. I had never counted or even really thought about it. I was rather shocked when I started counting. It all started when I bought the bike and got my first shirt free.

   This is the one that started the addiction.

Brian Gary, TSM

I laid all my shirts out yesterday and counted. I have 73 of them. 73! I feel like Jenny Harding with her shoes. I think I have a problem. This means I could go from today until October 16th without needing to wash a shirt and I could wear a different Harley shirt every day. Is there a patch for Harley Shirt Addiction? Help me.