When it comes to sports, the end of June and all of July are a sports wasteland. I know we have baseball but aside from the All Star Game and the playoffs, I just don't care. It might help if the Rockies were in a pennant race but we usually aren't. I know we have the World Cup right now but that's just a crouton on a big empty sports plate. I NEED FOOTBALL!!

I am very excited to think that I only have to flip the calender one more time before there is at least training camp. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. We only have 40 days until the NFL Hall of Fame game between the Bills and Giants and only 44 days before the Broncos open the preseason against the hated Seahawks. They also play Seattle in week 3 of the season. Check out the Broncos schedule here. Hang in there brothers and sisters of the pigskin. We are almost there.